Learn the mental and emotional skills required to perform at your best consistently and the tips and techniques to live a healthy & happy life

Calm, Clear & Confident. Every single match.

Channel your nerves and maintain focus. Are you ready to consistently become your best?

Your physical best is just the beginning. If you’ve trained hard but haven't got you the results you want and deserve, you should now realise how important your thoughts and emotions are to your performance. Understanding yourself (your whole self) and your game is the difference between where you are now and where you could be.

Imagine walking out to bat or coming on to bowl and feeling calm, focused and confident...

It’s not impossible! While feeling nervous or fearful is part of any sport, learn the tools to guide those emotions into positive energy. Bolster your physical skills with mental skills: feeling good and thinking clearly ultimately means good decisions and your very best performance.

Do you want to live your best life where you're healthy, happy and getting it done on the cricket field? Well you can!

DATE: Wednesday 18th July 2018

TIME: 7:00-8:30pm

VENUE: Hampstead Cricket Club ( Lymington Rd, London NW6 1HZ, UK )


This presentation will cover the fundamental mental and emotional skills used by the world's top performers that you can implement into your life straight away. The presentation will cover:

  • Belief: Why it's more important than confidence and how to believe in yourself more
  • Self-awareness: Why being self-aware is the first step to your success
  • Setting goals: Why you need a vision and plan of how to achieve it and how to set big goals
  • Routines & habits: Why your daily practices shape your life and small hacks to make your life better
  • Emotional Intelligence: Why your emotions are underrated on the field and how to master them
  • Focus: How to focus your attention on the present moment
  • Accepting mistakes and ‘failure': Learn how to deal with mistakes quickly so that don't take over
  • Trusting your skills & preparation: Learn to trust yourself
  • Fear: What fear is and how to use it to your advantage
  • The Zone: What you need to do to get in the zone
  • Gratitude and how being grateful can instantly change how you feel
  • Mindfulness and how to be mindful and present in each moment

Your Instructor


Tom Scollay is a former Middlesex CCC pro and now the founder of global cricket brand - Cricket Mentoring. Tom currently mentors cricketers of all ages and abilities all around the world through online learning, video calls and in person sessions. Tom is on a mission to help people become the best they can be both on and off the cricket field by developing the mental and emotional skills used by the world's top performers.

Mark Boyns founded Opening Up Cricket in 2014 after a team mate and close friend took his own life. Mark now travels around the UK educating people on the importance of mental health and how you can live a happy and healthy (both physically & mentally) life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the presentation go for?
The presentation will go for roughly an hour and 15 minutes with a chance for Q & A afterwards. There will also be a chance to mingle and chat to both Tom and Mark after formal proceedings are concluded.
What should I bring on the evening?
We think it's a good idea to bring a notebook & pen, tablet or something that you can take notes. We also encourage you to bring an open mind to new ideas...
How do I pay?
You will need to reserve your ticket online via credit or debit card. Your name will then be on the door at arrival on the evening to be ticked off.

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